The Silent Death - Syria

The situation in Syria is critical. The conflict has gone on for more than 2 years, with well over a 100,000 dead, 2 million refugees as of September 2013, and recent escalation with the use of chemical and incendiary bombs on civilians. It has been well documented the fact that most of the victims have been women and children, often in under the most gruesome circumstances. Time is short now that the superpowers discuss intervention. There is no vote, no bureaucracy stopping us to intervene, to aid or help in anyway we can. If you haven't yet, its time to answer to the cries of Syria. Please donate and help.

With the help of Human Aid, We are Help will help fund sending, gas masks, bio-chemical suits and atropine to Syria as soon as possible, let us never forget August 21st, the day we watched our children die, gasping for air with no idea what was happening to them and for what reason they were killed. The number of killed in that attack alone was 1400 according to many sources.

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1 Support and donate.Help us raise £8,000 for an ambulance determined to get to Syria for Decemeber.

Help us raise funds for gas masks in association with Human Aid.

2 Spread the word.Share the video on Facebook and Twitter and inform your friends and family of the situation.

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